2017 – 2018 Supply List

Click here to view and print the list as a PDF.

Please bring donations to orientation day or the first week of school, unlabeled. We may ask to restock again in January.  Watch Bloomz for class requests!

For Each Family:

  • $20 Activity fee per child – Maximum $60 per family. If this is a hardship or needs to be paid later – let us know. (We don’t want your grocery money.)
  • 1 roll of paper towels- or more
  • 1 package of cleaning wipes.  Clorox or other for lunch tables.
  • Ziploc bags- quart or gallon
  •  2-3 Items or more from the ‘Items we need’ list at right.
  • BOXTOPS for Education!

Please bring each week:

For each child:

  • A backpack labeled with child’s name (Snack goes in here)
  • Lunch – labeled with child’s name
  • A water bottle – labeled with child’s name-( Please do not send expensive water bottles)
  • Comfortable tennis shoes or sneakers (not open toed shoes)
  • 2 Snacks in the backpack – (not the lunch box). Please send snack every week.


PE Class:

Water bottle- LABEL IT if you want it to get back home.  Closed toe shoes. Wear shorts under skirts please.

Ameritowne /International Towne

$25 field trip fee per child.

(Pay at Orientation). Field trip is mandatory.

Items we need- choose 2-3:

  • Paper Plates- cake size or full size. For food and crafts.
  • “Foamy” hand soap
  • Watercolor paint sets
  • Duct tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Masking tape
  • Painters tape
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Paper coffee cups (small)
  • Band aids
  • New Crayola washable markers- All colors and sizes.
  • White board markers in a variety of colors (lots!)
  • Index cards - unlined
  • White glue bottles- liquid
  • Coffee- (grounds) for Parent Café’
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons- All colors and box sizes.
  • Bottles of washable Tempera Paint (Crayola, etc) all colors.
  • Colored printer paper
  • Adult scissors
  • Pipe cleaners, sequins, beads, google eyes, etc.