5 Points of Balance

I have a group of homeschooling middle schoolers who I meet with a couple of times a month. This month we've been discussing balance.  The fact that as a teenager,  or even just a human, you  bring something  small into your life from each of these points, you won't fall over when  something goes wrong. Think of a round table with 5 legs.   Even if you pull one out, the table will  continue to stand. So can we as people if one "leg"  in our lives falls apart, the others will keep us up and strong until things get better.  

Something Academic- Learn something

Something Athletic- Move more. Find something you like. 

Something Social - Be a part of something bigger and connect with another person.   (even for the introverts)

Something Spiritual - Regardless of your beliefs, each person can find that still small voice. 

Something for Service without pay. 

What would you add?