Our Denver site opened Aug 31, 2004. We meet each Tuesday and Friday during the traditional school year from 8:40-3:15. Tuesday serves students K-12, and Friday serves students K-8. Each family must choose Tuesday OR Friday to attend. Our teacher ratio is 1:9.

We work to create a small school atmosphere with homeschool flavor!  We want this program to enhance what you are doing at home- not replace it.  We will not dictate what you teach at home. Instead, we offer enrichment type classes that are suited for group instruction and require more preparation or supplies than most parents like to do at home.  We are conscious of your educating time and limit homework.  We hope the day is a respite for homeschooling parents, and that our site is a great place to connect with others who are committed to schooling their children at home.

Classes are taught by licensed educators who share their knowledge of their subject area and their love for great kids! The Denver site is coordinated by a state licensed teacher, and fellow homeschooling mom. Lanae has worked in different capacities for Options since 2002.

What are the perks of joining Denver Options?

What are the perks of joining Denver Options?

  • Community! Use the directory to set up play dates, join the closed facebook group, and join us for the parent café’. Homeschoolers are here to support each other in this adventure.
  • Hands on activities with other kids . The idea of Denver Options is to DO things together.
  • Our Staff – Understand that in homeschooling, parents are in charge. We don’t discuss anything controversial, but focus on things that are hard for parents to do at home.
  • Safety – We have a lot of adults, and a system in place to know who is here, and who is not.
  • Communication – Keep track of what is happening with Updates – via Bloomz.
  • Parties and Guest Speakers – Lots of fun adventures. Our parties have a purpose.
  • A school wide goal. 2017 - 2018 is the year of REinvention. Our sites have a theme every year. In the 2017 - 2018 school year we will REcycle, REkindle, REdiscover, REceive and REawaken our friendships and learning. We will learn to REtry if something doesn't work the first time, and REexplore our own ability to try something new.  We will REnew our courage and REflect on our new experiences. We will REkindle old friendships and REstart the year by making new friends.   Come join us for a whole new year of REinvention and new discoveries!
  • Field Trips – Parent run field trips are not Options supervised, but parents have organized some wonderful trips for our Options folks to join once a month.
  • Curriculum! Check out our curriculum options and save a ton of money.
  • Email anytime with questions. Make sure to include your phone number so we can chat!
  • Once you are enrolled, you can join our Bloomz community to see pictures of what your child does during the day, get updates from teachers, and reminders for special events.


Our goal at Denver Options is to offer homeschooling families support without taking control. We have small classes in subject areas that are hard or impossible to do at home.

We are a part of the Options School in the Aurora Public School system. You do not need to live in APS to attend our school. There are over 1700 homeschooled students enrolled in the Options school throughout Colorado.  Each site has its own treasures to offer, and its own personality.

5 Points of Balance

I have a group of homeschooling middle schoolers who I meet with a couple of times a month. This month we've been discussing balance.  The fact that as a teenager,  or even just a human, you  bring something  small into your life from each of these points, you won't fall over when  something goes wrong. Think of a round table with 5 legs.   Even if you pull one out, the table will  continue to stand. So can we as people if one "leg"  in our lives falls apart, the others will keep us up and strong until things get better.  

Something Academic- Learn something

Something Athletic- Move more. Find something you like. 

Something Social - Be a part of something bigger and connect with another person.   (even for the introverts)

Something Spiritual - Regardless of your beliefs, each person can find that still small voice. 

Something for Service without pay. 

What would you add?