Thinking About Options?

Denver Options Open Houses Spring 2018

As a homeschooling mom, I understand the need to be comfortable with a new situation before I leave my kids. Please call me to ask questions, and get information about the program.  I will be working over the summer. If I am unable to answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I can.

Please remember that due to our structure as a part time school, we are unable to enroll students with special needs, or who have an IEP.

The APS Options Program and IEP/504 Plans

The Options Program exists to supplement and support home school instruction and is limited in personnel, programs, and curricular offerings. The program makes every effort to meet each student’s educational needs but cannot duplicate the comprehensive Special Education programs found elsewhere.

The Options program can, however, provide some accommodations within the classroom. Our staff will work closely with parents to develop an appropriate 504 Plan for those students who need it. Students with more acute/severe educational needs requiring modifications will find the Options Program not a good fit for them. We do not have the staff or resources to write IEPs so we do not. In rare instances students that had former IEPs may be allowed into the program but no modifications will be made for that student, with the exception of 504 accommodations. Our Options counselor, Michele Cole, should be contacted to discuss the possibilities. She can be reached at