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Our Wonderful Teachers

The quality of our staff is one of our greatest assets. kids enjoy classes with qualified, licensed teachers who love what they do, and love kids. Our staff understands the concept of enriching our kids without taking over their education. They treat each child as an individual, and accept them as they are. Our program is built on 3 very important things. Parents who are working hard for their kids, kids who are here for relationships, fun and learning, and teachers who make that happen.


Sarah Adams - Music

My name is Sarah Adams and I grew up in East Texas. While growing up, my mother served as the music director of the church my family attended. As a result, I have treasured memories of my family singing, playing instruments, and participating in school bands and choirs. I received my bachelor's degree in music education from Lamar University. A short time later, I graduated from the University of Texas with my Master's in Music. Since I believe that learning is a life long process, I currently sing in my church choir and receive piano lessons from Dr. Stephen Fiess, ( I just performed a Mozart Piano Sonata for our Summer Recital!). In regards to my teaching career, I have 18 years in elementary music in the public school systems of Texas and Louisiana. During these years, I offered my students the opportunity to participate in school district honor choirs and music festivals. I have one child ,Nathan, who has just completed his first year of college at the University of Kentucky. During high school, my son received English grammar and writing lessons from Mrs. Joni Jensen, a respected English teacher and a home schooling parent herself. Because of my friendship with Joni, I now have a profound respect for home schooling parents. I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful community.

Liz Allen - Art, Photography, Tech Art
Tuesday and Friday

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and am the third oldest out of six kids. I studied Art Education at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and after graduating, decided to move to Denver for what I thought would be an adventurous but brief time. Fast forward six years, and I could not be any happier living in this wonderful city. I am so grateful to be so close to the mountains, and love to hike and camp whenever possible. In addition to being outdoors, I also love to make and teach art! I have been teaching for five years, and love the flexibility and creativity that the Options program allows. I am thrilled to be working with your amazing students again this coming year, and hope to provide a fun and creative outlet for each kid.

Mary Ann Bess - Physical Education

I was raised in Goodland, KS with 5 brothers and 5 sisters. I was lucky to be the baby in such a wonderfully large family. I went to college in Hays, KS and graduated with a B.A. in Business, a B.S. in Physical Education, and an emphasis in Adapted Physical Education. I have been with Options since 2004 and am looking forward to another great year.  My hobbies include: working out (swimming, walking and weights), playing with our 3 pups, keeping up with my family (James, Dexter & Emree), painting anything that doesn’t move (smile), antiquing, and crafts..

Robin Bodin - Primary Classroom Grade 1 and PE
Tuesday and Friday

I believe that every child is a valuable treasure who needs love, security and a variety of opportunities to thrive. As a mother of two boys, I understand both the ups and downs of being a parent. My goal as a teacher at Denver Options is to create a safe and wondrous environment where children can explore the world, while being exactly who they are. My education includes achieving a Masters degree in Instruction and Curriculum and a Bachelors degree in Studio Fine Arts at the University of Colorado. I am extremely thankful to be a part of this caring community and am always open to suggestions and ideas to make this a wonderful experience for everyone.

Danielle Corriveau -  Lego Story Starter & Beyond and Fabulous Phonics
Tuesday and Friday

This is my fourth year with Options and I am elated to be part of this inspiring community. Options offers an incredible opportunity to infuse genuine fun into learning. For two decades I worked with words, helping non-profits tell their success stories. My work with non-profits led me to write Trail Mix: Stories of Youth Overcoming Adversity, a collection of stories about youth facing some of life’s most significant challenges and finding new hope and awareness through programs based in the wilderness. As a certified elementary teacher, I have worked with public, private and charter schools in Denver, focusing primarily on increasing student skills in reading and writing.I adore education and am honored to be a part of young people’s learning journey. Outside of Options, I tutor children with dyslexia to support them in becoming strong independent readers and writers. My favorite place to be, though, is anywhere with my husband and our two sons. We especially like hiking, biking, skiing, golfing and throwing Frisbee.

Clea Edelblute - Art in Literature, Ecology, Middle school LA
Tuesday and Friday.

I love to garden, read books, make things, and play outside. I have two kids, who homeschool and attend Options on Fridays. I am an internationally published author, and I have a Master’s in Fine Arts degree in creative writing. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where I taught outdoor education to sixth graders, and where I worked at an acupuncture school as an administrator. I’ve lived in the Denver area for 17 years and am thrilled to be a part of the amazing Options community.

LeeAnn Egli - Spanish, History

I’ve enjoyed working at Options since 2004. I have taught grades 1-12 and have worked at three different Options sites in that time. I love teaching part time and taking care of my family the rest of the time.  Our two young adult daughters keep us hopping – my husband and I say they are either keeping us young or making us old! This family loves making music, playing games and sports, camping, gardening, and biking; we stay active in our church; and I love getting away for walks and hanging out in my backyard. I majored in history in college and got my teaching license in social studies. However, I have always loved learning Spanish and studied it in college. I also did a homestay in Mexico and lived in Spain for two years. I love the unique opportunity of teaching both Spanish and history at Options in such a creative and friendly environment.

Angelle Frilot - Engineering Challenges, Young Ameritowne
Tuesday and Friday

Hi my name is Angelle Frilot. I am married with three teenagers. I enjoy quilting and participating in my book club. This is my fifth year teaching for Denver Options. I enjoy engaging students with hands on activities. My mission is to encourage teamwork and active problem solving by having fun, focused lessons. I look forward to another great year with our amazing students and our dedicated staff.

Beckie Graham - Math

My name is Beckie Graham (formerly Dague) and I love math!! Pi – 3.14 – is my favorite number and Pi Day; March 14th is my favorite day of the year! I have about 350 digits of Pi memorized and love to compete with the students on Pi day for our memorizing contest. I have never worked in a traditional school setting. My background includes a lot of tutoring and I have been tutoring/teaching math for the past 10 years. I have tutored students who were struggling or those who just wanted to get ahead. I have worked a lot with people (teenagers to adults) trying to get their GED and helping people overcome their fear of math is my favorite thing to do. My enthusiasm for math will rub off on you and by the end of the school year you will love math too – maybe not as much as I do though!  I have three children.  My son AJ is married and him and his wife Shae have blessed me with my first grandbaby - a boy named Dawson.  I love spending time with him!  I have twin girls Jessica and Brianna.  In 2017 they graduated from the Community College of Aurora with their Associates degree then 2 weeks later graduated high school.  Brianna has joined the Navy and will be working in Nuclear Engineering.  


Lanae Klap - Coordinator
Tuesday and Friday

Our journey at Denver Options began 14  years ago.  I’ve been a homeschooling parent, a teacher and for 10 years, a coordinator at Denver Options.  This year begins my 11th year as Coordinator of the Denver Tuesday site, and the 6th year since we added  Denver Friday.   I firmly believe we are blessed to be allowed to offer a “pure enrichment” environment for homeschooling families.  Finding a place that respects our decisions as homeschoolers, and yet supports and encourages kids to be themselves, is a treasure.  I hope we are that treasure for your family, no matter what your belief system, curriculum choices, or long term goals are. Preschoolers are always welcome, and moms deserve a break.  

I am mom of 2. We homeschooled them both through 7th grade.  Our oldest is in college, and our youngest is a Junior in High School.  My husband and I enjoy the mountains.  I love to read and make things.

Tracy Knapp

I have lived in Colorado most of my life, moving here after my Dad retired from the military. I am married to a wonderful guy and a mom of two girls. We began homeschooling seven years ago after a few years at a private school.  The time together has been wonderful. We have been a part of the Options program for four years and my girls have loved every minute of it. When I am not schooling my girls or in the kitchen at Options passing out band-aids and ice packs, I love to read, run, and crochet.



Kari Laudenslager- Educational Assistant
Tuesday and Friday

As a military family moving every couple of years and dealing with deployments, I found myself unexpectedly homeschooling my daughter starting in Kindergarten.  It was fantastic and allowed tons of flexibility for the military life and travel. We moved to Buckley AFB in 2011 and have been part of Denver Options ever since. My background is in nursing with a Master’s with a specialty in Acute Care.  Because of the moving, I have done all kinds of weird nursing jobs - from the ICU to managing a therapist’s office to being the inpatient cardiology nurse practitioner. I love nursing but I love homeschoolers too!  For now, I’m enjoying being settled in Aurora for the foreseeable future and being the EA at Options helping out wherever it’s needed - in class, teaching science, or being the unofficial school nurse - while enjoying high school again with my daughter. In my spare time, I like to travel, take care of our animals (dog, pony, and 3-legged cat!), needlework, and hang out with my family.


Michelle Lee - Kindergarten

I am thrilled to get to teach your children! I love working with homeschool families, supporting you in the hard work you are doing each day. I will be teaching both Tuesday and Friday. I teach kindergarten and look forward to exploring, getting messy, cooking, music, and getting to know your children. I will also be teaching a home economics class this year which I am super excited about. I love spending time with my family hiking, playing soccer, reading and cooking. I'm originally from Indiana but Denver has been home for us for many years now. I'm looking forward to a great year at Options!


Nicole Scott - Secondary Science
Tuesday & Friday

This will be my 4th year at Options.  I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010 and have been teaching science on a part time basis ever since.  I love science and being able to share my passion for learning with your kids is really something I’m grateful for everyday.  

I live in Golden with my husband and young daughter.  I love to play, read, learn, explore and I’m trying to get better at gardening.  I am really excited for this upcoming year, it’s going to be another great one.


Alex Stewart - Secondary Film and Language Arts

I love what the Options program is all about! I was homeschooled from 2nd grade until I graduated from high school so I know the homeschooling model very well and absolutely love it. I received my degree in English Education from Metro State University in 2012. I love film, music, and any kind of crazy adventure that life throws my way. I believe that education is based upon a foundation of strong, healthy relationships and that is why I am so excited to spend the year getting to know both students and parents. It is my hope that together we can grow our passion for both education and life.

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