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The Options Bookroom is in the basement of the Options Office at 11351 E Montview Blvd. Near Montview and Moline. Enter around the back and buzz to get in for your appointment time.

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After your child is fully enrolled in Denver Options, you can sign up for a time at the book room by going to: then enter:

Please make other arrangements for your children during your appointment time, and come with an idea of what you are looking for by going to to see what we carry. Bring a check book if you plan to purchase consumables.

FAQs About OPTIONS Family Curriculum

What is OPTIONS Family Curriculum?

A selection of curriculum titles that are made available for our program families to check out like a library system and use at home through the school year. All titles are non-religious in nature and have been vetted as being appropriate for use in a public school classroom.

What Are These Books For?

These books are made available as a service of the OPTIONS Program as a way to provide a freecurriculum benefit for our program families

Who Can Check Out These Materials?

Families can check out books for any student enrolled in the OPTIONS Program

Do I Have To Order Curriculum Through OPTIONS?

No, if you have something else you like you are welcome to use it. This is provided as a benefit to our enrolled students.

How Much Do They Cost?

Almost all of the curriculum you check out is provided at no cost to you. You have to pay for any consumable pieces to a curriculum you would choose, but you are not required to purchase consumables through OPTIONS. A family will be required to pay for any lost or damaged materials.

What and When Do I Pay For?

You will pay for any consumables pieces at the time you place your order. At this time we only accept cash or pre-printed checks as payment and all consumable purchases are non-refundable.

What About Books Used For A Class?

If your child is enrolled in a class with a required text, it will be checked out to them on the first day of classes. When ordering curriculum for your use, do not order books you think your student may need for a class they are enrolled in at OPTIONS.

How Long Do I Keep Them?

Most families keep their curriculum for the school year, checking out curriculum in August or September and returning it in May. We do allow a family to keep curriculum over the summer if they want to continue home school. In this case we ask that families renew their materials by bringing in the books and having them scanned and renewed, just like a library.

What About Levels Finished During The School Year?

If a student finishes a particular level during the school year, you are allowed to return the completed curriculum and check out the next level, based on availability.

How do I sign up for an appointment if I am enrolled?

This year you can sign up for an appointment time by going to this web address: Simply put in the book room email which is and follow the other directions. Our signup will be listed under my name. You will be asked to pick a time and date and put in your email. That is it!

My plans changed. How do I edit my sign up on

If you signed up with an account (using an email and password) - it's pretty easy to edit or change your sign up... go to the homepage of and login with the email and password that you used to sign up. This will take you to the My Account page which will show your sign up. Click the link to the sign up and you will be able to edit or revise your sign up item. You will see an "Edit" button underneath the slot you signed up for.

If you signed up with your name only, I'm afraid there is no way for us to confirm who you are in order to allow you to edit the information. You will need to contact the sign up creator (using the contact link on the sign up page) and ask that she removes you from the sign up.

You may take books over the summer, but you need to make an appointment to check them out.

Email the bookroom with questions at

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