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Does this program cost anything?

Our classes are funded from the State. We charge only an activity fee of $20 per child per year. You may need to pay for consumables if you choose to use our curriculum. Ameritowne and International towne have a fee associated if you choose to take those classes.

Can I register my children for COVA and Denver Options?

No, You can not.  You may not be a part of two publicly funded programs.

What if we don’t like the program and want to quit?

Let us know. Fill out a withdrawal form. Return your books, and stop attending.

Do I still have to register my children as home-schoolers?

It is recommended that you do. If you enroll in home-schooling through DPS, their number is 303-764-3552 (the contact person is Lia Tinker, Office of Student Records). You may also use an umbrella school if you don’t want to register with a public school.

Does Denver Options offer testing?

Yes, we will offer the IOWA tests in the spring. Per the Colorado Homeschool Law, students in odd grades starting with third may either take a nationally accredited exam (PARCC doesn’t count, it isn’t nationally accredited), be under an umbrella school, or have a certified teacher evaluate your child to determine that they are making sufficient progress.

Will there be homework?

The expectation in most Options classes is occasional homework, to be limited to a half hour per class per week. We rarely give homework in elementary grades. The secondary students can expect some. Often this involves bringing something to school, or finding a bit of information.

Who decides what grade my child is in?

Kindergarten and First grades have minimum requirements for age. The child must be 5 by October 1 to enter Kindergarten, and 6 by October 1 to enter 1st grade. As the kids get older we place them where they fit best socially, which is usually with their grade. Sometimes kids will jump up a grade level or down a grade level for a specific class.

How do I get school books?

You can contact the book office after your enrollment is complete and make an appointment to check out books.

What about lunches?

Each student should bring a sack lunch. . Make sure nothing needs to be refrigerated or reheated. Please put 2 snacks in a backpack to keep with the child. If you can avoid nuts, we appreciate it but understand that isn’t always possible.

How do you contact me?

We use email and Bloomz primarily.  If you do not have an email address, please check in with a friend and make sure to check your box every week, or you might be ‘out of the loop’.

We will also need a contact number – usually a cell and home phone to find you in case of emergency

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