Our goal at Denver Options is to offer homeschooling families support without taking control. We have small classes in subject areas that are hard or impossible to do at home.

We are a part of the Options School in the Aurora Public School system. You do not need to live in APS to attend our school.  At Denver Options, our goal is to do the things that are difficult for you to do at home.  Messy projects, group interaction, and things that might just be too expensive to do alone are our focus once a week.  Your child comes one day each week, either Tuesday or Friday,  to play and participate from 8:40 - 3:30.    After enrollment, you are welcome to check out curriculum from our book room.  There are no requirements for our curriculum, it is simply there for your use.  

What are the perks of joining Denver Options?

  • Community! Use the directory to set up play dates, join the closed facebook group, and join us for the parent café’. Homeschoolers are here to support each other in this adventure.
  • Hands-on activities with other kids. The idea of Denver Options is to DO things together.
  • Our Staff – Understand that in homeschooling, parents are in charge. We don’t discuss anything controversial but focus on things that are hard for parents to do at home.
  • Safety – We have a lot of adults, and a system in place to know who is here, and who is not.
  • Communication – Keep track of what is happening with Updates – via Bloomz.
  • Parties and Guest Speakers – Lots of fun adventures. Our parties have a purpose.
  • A school-wide goal. 2018-2019 will be the year of "Seas and Stars".  We'll have activities and guest speakers to bring  Oceans and Space to life for our kids throughout the year.  
  • Field Trips – Parent run field trips are not Options supervised, but parents have organized some wonderful trips for our Options folks to join several times a month.
  • Curriculum! Check out our curriculum options under the books tab,  and save a ton of money.
  • Email anytime with questions. Make sure to include your phone number so we can chat! Homeschooldenver@gmail.com
  • Once you are enrolled, you can join our app to see pictures of what your child does during the day, get updates from teachers, and reminders for special events.


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Also, you can request to join our facebook page after enrollment!

Lanae Klap – Coordinator 303-349-5947 Cell