Denver Options

Homeschool Enrichment Program 

Enrichment Classes and Community for Homeschooling Families

Welcome to Denver Options!

Our goal at Denver Options is to offer homeschooling families support without taking control. We have small classes in subject areas that are hard or impossible to do at home.

We are a part of the Options School in the Aurora Public School system. You do not need to live in APS to attend our school.

Messy projects, group interaction, and things that might just be too expensive or difficult to do alone are our focus once a week.  Your child comes each week, either Tuesday or Friday,  to play and participate from 8:30 - 3:15

After enrollment, you are welcome to check out curriculum from our book room.  There are no requirements for our curriculum, it is simply there for your use.

Our Classes:

You will choose classes in 3 categories: 

Foundations - that support the academics you do at home

Life Skills - that build the knowlege of things we need in life

Enrichment - to find our passions and start the path toward a lifelong commitment do doing things we enjoy 

Messy, Hands-on Interactive 

Enrichment for Homeschooling kids. 

Latest News: 

Class choices are out!!  Get in touch now to enroll in time to start with us in August! 

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